Short, Sweet Retreat

-- Finding Satisfaction in an Unsatisfying World --

On Friday, October 13th at 7PM, we will gather at the beautiful Franklin Country Club for delicious desserts, much laughter, good conversation, and some talk about how we can find satisfaction in an unsatisfying world.  

We are always at risk of being pulled away from satisfaction in God's blessings.  It may be wanting to be thinner, to have a better house, more obedient kids, or even to be younger and healthier.  At our "Short, Sweet Retreat," we will hear stories from some of our own MCC sisters who have fought the temptation to turn even good desires into unhealthy discontentment - and found peace in the Lord instead.   Registration is only $10.  Click below to register and pay online by October 1st.  

In-person registration will be available between worship services on 9/10, 9/17, 9/24 and 10/1.